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Music as Self Expression

Music as Self Expression
Expression is the acme of all arts. A language that anyone will or will never understand. A data entry stored in one’s memory that is ready to explode any time. Now, turn your radio on and you will hear different kinds of music; from country to classical, oldies to hard rock and mellow to punk, they all have something notable to offer you.
Music is more than just head-banging and singing in front of the crowd. Its deeper, it lets people say things that even themselves can't utter.  Any music has a versatile way of expression which brings a variety of emotions onto people; expressing themselves through music is a way of escaping from a certain feeling of depression or uttering special sentiment to people. The genres of songs that we used to listen is a way of expressing what kind of mood we have for example listening to hard rock; a form of loud and aggressive music, the riffs of the guitar accompanied by drums in high range and its raspy vocals can release you're anger, mellow musics means that you're in sorrow or sometimes people eavesdrop to this kind of song for relaxation and reflecting life, rap is a vehicle of expression and various rappers have their unique idea on sharing how they really feel and alternative love songs is a mode of expressing feelings to loved ones. There are still many genres of music but the focal point of which is "self-expression".
People listen to music based on their moods and also how the lyrics affect them; what kind of emotion they get and how it'll make a better perspective on their thoughts.

angry music for angry people

Why People Listen to Angry music?

It’s not always the song that upsets you but the emotions that it whips out. Songs about break ups, being cheated, lied to etc. gives you an outlook on something happened in your life it’s not the sense of “coincidence” but rather you've got hit by the lyrics and you can relate from one way or another. It gets you thinking about an incident happened to you, the things you regret or things that you don’t want to happen in your life. The feelings of indifference and guilt that makes you wanna scream is lightened by relating it to the meaning of the song.

Here are list of songs for people who is pissed off but at the same time...these would be a "burden-lightener":

My top 10 songs for upset:

Over You by Daughtry
"You're with somebody for a really long time, and you pretty much think that this is the person you're gonna spend the rest of your life with, and then they drop the ball on you. Then you think it's over, your life is done, and then somebody better walks in." - Chris Daughtry

Actually, this break up song has no particular impact on me in the sense that I haven't yet engaged in so serious relationship but as I digest every thought of its lyrics I knew that the incidents happened particularly in the "song-story" are the things that I don't want to happen in my life. Though this song discloses anger, war of feelings and extreme sorrow that any listener can be upset (if they got hit by its lyrics) still it has a positive notion; it is finding strength and courage to move on even though someone left you hanging out of the blue.
Gone Forever  by Three Days Grace
This really is a beautiful song based on a relationship that didn't turn out best. It may hit a personal chord to a listener with a relationship that didn't end in the best way …and at the end of the horizon…
"I feel so much better
Now that you're gone forever
I tell myself that I don't miss you at all
I'm not lying, denying that I feel so much better now"

Numb by Linkin Park
This song is awesome and really explains parent-child relationship. Sometimes children are sick of living up to the extreme expectations their parents set to them. Just what like the song is trying to emphasize; it really sucks to make your parents disappointed and at the same time it takes a long time to make them proud, the feeling of imperfection and the sense of being who you really are, are just some of the things that is hard to explain towards your parents. However, parents should realize how desperate their children are just to satisfy their expectations also they should accept every bit of reality of what their progeny wanted to be.

Down With a Sickness by Disturbed
With my personal view, this song accentuate extreme anger and at the same time cruelty towards someone. I got hooked with its "oh! aahhhh, aaaahhhh, aaaaahhhh, ah" lyrics but I can't relate to its full story. But for the sake of music I think this band really expressed who they really are.

Pardon Me by Incubus
This is a great song about dealing with all of the crap and dim-witted things people do in life and the want of literally exploding at some time. Life has so many to offer both ups and downs but no matter how sick you may become by the shits and craps in vivacity still think of the positive sides always. Remember, problems make you stronger.

Riot by Three Days Grace
Awesome song for pissed people. It releases anger indeed. The story behind this song is about political power controlling the people thus, result to a chaotic storm that causes death and destruction. Moreover, it also deals with people who think life is full of shit and their emotions are bottled only on themselves and they're thinking of an "escape" from horrendous feeling. Thus, every individual should try to express how they really feel all the time because the more you hide the pain the more hurtful it is until you can't escape from it anymore and you wanna end up to a "riot".

Shut Up by Simple Plan
SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH I'M PISSED OUT AS I'M WRITING THIS POST! HAHAHAHA. Seriously, this song is about someone whose always been pushed on something he don't want to be and always been criticized because of his mistakes. But, who cares if you committed mistakes? its your life, be what you want to be!

Vindicated by Dashboard Confessionals
Vindicated, as what the song is trying to impart the listener. This song has an contradicting thoughts: being right and at the same time being wrong towards something. Same with dealing through reality, sometimes right decisions are not right at all especially when there's someone hurt and left hanging.

Losing Grip by Avril Lavigne
Do you know the feeling of being ignored, left out, confused and alone? Well, you should listen to this music. Digest everything behind the lyrics and later on you'll realize how painful it is to be ignored and left hanging with bewilderment. Well, just MOVE ON!

Let the Flames Begin by Paramore
An emotional song. Cynical. The song lay emphasis on giving up of a flawed individual because of his weak personality,sense of despair and the feeling of being miserable. Though bowing out is pretty near still faith paved strength and a burning passion to prove to others that giving up is not a solution. Basically, every person has their own dance and its up to us how well we bop on its perfect tune. Always bear in mind that, misery loves company, so be strong.


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