Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A+ Dropouts: A Rising Band

A+ dropouts pic
A+ Dropouts is a pop rock band formed in 2009 led by Cheska Zaide along with her bandmates Evan, Lucas and Liam; originally from Huntington Beach, California. They are middle school rockers, ages 14-15, and are already rocking out big stages. Cheska; the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band jams hard on the electric guitar throughout their performances. Moreover, she is multi talented; she's a singer, song writer and showcased her talent at her early age. The A+ Dropouts toured throughout Virginia, DC, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Wisconson while working on their self titled EP featuring their incredible hit single “On Your Own”. In 2010, the band has been voted one of the top 12 bands in America. Influenced by Green Day, No Doubt, Blink 182 and Paramore, the band has produced a song with punk and rock elements that exhibits their own kind of sound. Their charm and extraordinary talent has caught the eyes of thousands of music lovers. 

Watch and listen to the video to convince you with how amazing their band is .

On Your Own by A+ Dropouts:

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